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Any Real Estate Agent can list a home or show you what is for sale, but in todays econimic environment you need a competitive advantage to sell your home or to help you find just the right home for your needs and your budget.  Janet Fabian offers a unique combination of skills and experience that provide the advantage you need to sell your home or find the best deal in todays housing market.


Unlike most real estate agents, Janet has a law degree and is a certified residential appraiser with over 20 years experience.  Most important is the fact that Janet cares about her clients.  You can trust Janet to work hard to help you find a buyer in the shortest time possible.  Janet knows the Pittsburgh real estate market, and has been a resident of the North Hills for over 30 years. Deffenbaugh Real Estate was founded by Janet's father and she continues to maintain his legacy of honesty and integrity in her service to clients.


If you are serious about buying or selling a home in the Pittsburgh area,

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